Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Camp Pics

Our second day at camp is coming to an end and we are basking in the presence of God and all that He is doing. We just heard an excellent sermon by Zach on faith from the book of Romans and the kids are blowing off some steam before bed.
Today, we went to the beach for 3 hours in the morning. While there, we are responsible for keeping an eye on the younger children while they swim. Of course, we have fun playing with them as well. We also organize beach games for all 60 of the kids.
This afternoon, several of our team members had the opportunity to teach God's Word in the small group lessons. Joey, Vernon, and Zach all spoke about Peter walking on water in their groups. Then, we organized some team activities, including a rope maze with teams racing against each other to work their way down a rope line, and a game that demonstrated the need to hear God's voice in the middle of all life's distractions.
We are definitely struggling with our energy level as we are operating on about 5 hours of sleep at night. When the kids go to bed at 11, we usually get things done that have to wait for their absence. For instance, each night we hide about 25 small toys all over the camp for the kids to find the next day. Also, one of our team helps the Bulgarian teachers each night to put the kids to bed and then patrol later to make sure they are all still there.
Even though we are tired, it is such a blessing to see God working in these kids lives. The teachings have spoken to many of them, but more importantly, the Holy Spirit is speaking through us in the one-on-one conversations that are so critical to what we do here. Please keep us in prayer that we would be led by the Spirit in our time with the kids and that God would speak, not only to us, but through us.
Слава на Бога!

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