Monday, July 4, 2011

First Day At Camp

We just wrapped up our first full day of camp and it was a great one. It wasn't our day to teach the lessons, so we got to observe and take part in the Bulgarian teachers' lessons and see how they interact with their kids. Tomorrow, our team will teach so pray for Joey, Vernon, Zach and Linzi as they share tomorrow.
Tonight, I taught in the main service on the need for our faith to be demonstrated through our works (James 2). It was a joy to share God's word on the other side of the planet, even if its a little tricky through an interpreter.
Our team also handled the crafts today. We had each of the kids paint a t-shirt with the Bulgarian word for "trust" (the camp theme) on it. Then, they made a necklace with a sea theme. The shirts were great and I will share pictures tomorrow.
Pastor Chuck and Lynda delayed their arrival one more day to spend more time in Gabrovo but will join us in the morning. Keep the team in prayer and God bless!

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