Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update From Brittany

Hi everybody, this is Brittany.
Let me just say Bulgaria is awesome! And all the people here are such an amazing blessing. God has done so much in such a sort period of time. In the first day we were in Stolnik, us girls and our translator Simona taught Sunday school. Those kids melted my heart. They were so sweet and just could not stop loving on all of us. Even though I could not understand them at all, i could fell how much they loved me. 

The next morning we went to an orphanage in Sofia, i have never been to one before in my life. It was very different then what i know in America. It was very sad to be honest, because all those boys and girls were so cute and loving i dont know why their parents would ever want to give them up. But all i could do in the moment in pray for all of them. I now appreciate my  parents a lot more and everything i have. 

That next day we held a youth conference. Megan and i were teaching and i was sorta nervous. But i now know that God used me in a way i never thought i could be used. I might not know who's life i touched by what i said, but i know what God said through me touched someone deep down. 

Now we are at camp, Mike taught the first night, and he helped me a lot with my teaching i am doing on Saturday. I am so nervous to be teaching but i know that in Matthew 10:20 it says "for it will not be you who speaks, but the Spirit of the Father speaking through you." that verse means a lot to me. It has giving me the strength in to know that i am going to be used to speak to all these teenagers. That God is using me to teach the topic "The Second coming of Jesus" for a reason. I truly am blessed to be here, God has already done so many amazing things in my life and he is going to do many more. Thank you for all your prayers for our team, it means a lot to know you all are praying. 

Слава на Бога!
Love Brittany

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