Friday, July 6, 2012

Treasure Hunting at the Black Sea

Moni (blindfolded) is led up the street by his team
Today, we put on an epic adventure for the kids at the Black Sea camp where we are serving. We organized a treasure hunt that sent four teams out of the camp and across the town of Chernomorets to take part in various challenges in order to obtain clues. Each clue led to another challenge and finally led them back to camp.

The challenges were based on the topics of the camp from the week and included:

A team runs to their next challenge

  • ...a reenactment of Saul being led into Damascus while blind. Our kids had to take turns leading one blindfolded team member up two streets marked as Way to Damascus and Straight Street to a location labeled House of Judas. Along the way, they had to collect colored markers and turn them in at the end for the next clue.
  • ...a lesson in the Great Commission. Children were reminded that they need to be able to share Christ and teach His word at any time, in any place. To demonstrate, each group was asked to find three strangers and teach them a traditional Bulgarian dance on video, then share the love of Jesus.
  • opportunity to serve (ministry). The oldest or biggest members of the team had to carry their teammates up a flight of stairs from the beach, one at a time. Then, they had to find a store, buy water, and serve everyone a cupful.
  • ...spiritual warfare and God's armor. The team had to rescue Roy, who was oppressed (tied up). While helping him, they came under attack from water gun-wielding enemies and had to use their shields to fend off the assault.
The winners with their prize
Finally, they returned to camp where they had to solve a riddle to gain access to an area with a hidden key. The team that found the key, used it to unlock a door and discovered a large box decorated as a bible and filled with chocolates. 

Samuil enjoys his chicken and potatoes
Afterward, we had an amazing dinner (by camp standards) of пиле със картофе (chicken with potatoes) and then worshiped with a few songs before listening to Joey speak on spiritual warfare. He pointed the kids toward the reality of an enemy in our lives and the challenges we face through his attacks.

Joey shares on Spiritual Warfare
Tonight, we adults will be sharing in a seaside meal of grilled fish and vegetables. We will be sitting on the rocks overlooking the Black Sea as we enjoy a friendly evening of fellowship and food. Two more full days of camp before we return to Sofia on Monday. Keep praying for us and God's perfect plan here! Лека нощ (Good night!)

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