Friday, May 8, 2009

Yard Sale Today!

Day One of our final two-day yard sale has begun. As the sun slips over the horizon behind us we rub the sleep from our eyes and marvel at how many yard sale junkies are venturing out at 6 am! Right now, we're enjoying the cool morning air but yesterday was almost 110 degrees so we're bound to be a bit warm later.

Even though its Friday, most of the team is out in force (those with the day off) and the mood is cheerful, even at this awful hour. Customers have been trickling in by two's and three's at a steady pace and our travels are growing by a few dollar bills at a time.

Our "Team Member of the Day" award goes out to Marinna Hunt who is up early and spending her birthday outdoors selling other people's stuff to complete strangers. Happy 15th, Marinna! Or, in Bulgarian... Chestit Rozhden Den!

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