Thursday, May 7, 2009

Down to the Wire

We're under eight weeks now to our departure for Bulgaria and we're almost at the point of no return for determining who will make up the final team. Our airline tickets have to be purchased in full by the end of next week so May 15th is the deadline for each team member to have raised $1700. As it stands right now, three of our team members have commitments from family members to meet the need, one teen is still waiting for parental permission to go, and another three team members are desperately short of the necessary funds. We also have one teenager who is still waiting on a birth certificate to obtain a passport.

Please keep the team in prayer for these needs! We understand that God opens doors and closes doors, so we eagerly wait on Him to see how He will build His team this year. Pray especially for those who feel God has called them to go but have not yet seen the provision for that calling. If you are able, consider whether you might be able to support them financially as well.

As I wrote this, it occurred to me that I have not named the team at any point yet in this blog. This group has been meeting together in training meetings, language lessons, and fundraiser activities for several months now in preparation for our trip. They are:

Pastor Chuck & Lynda Kelly
Vance & Barbi Robnett
Brianna Robnett
Brad Robnett
Mike Kern
Megan Kern*
Joey Leslie
Linzi White
Jordan Hunt
Marinna Hunt*
Kenne Probst
Shae Pottmeyer
Richard Marquis*
(* first-year team members)

On a side note, the Robnetts are going over with the team but will be staying in Bulgaria for 3 months as a family. Please make sure to keep them in prayer even after the team returns as God has granted them this extended time of ministry.

If you have any questions about the ministry we do in Bulgaria, or just want to hear some amazing stories about what God is doing over there, please talk to any of the team who have been there and we will be soooo happy to share!

Only 54 more days!

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