Saturday, June 21, 2014

Last Year's Trip - The Movie

I finally got the movie uploaded from last year's trip. We shared the 30 minute epic with the church a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday night, but I had a couple failed attempts getting it up on YouTube before finally powering through yesterday.

By the way, I don't normally post more than one update a day, but our remaining time is getting compressed, so the posts may start piling up. Make sure you read down and see what else has been added to the blog that you may have missed. For instance, I just posted a "Let's Hear From the Team" update featuring our very own Ashley Kerrigan. She's a newcomer to the team this year, so drop down and read her thoughts on the trip ahead.

Anyway, back to the movie. I usually take a still camera with me and take several thousand pictures each year. Over the years, these pics have really piled up on my hard drive! Last year, I realized we have tons of pics, since everybody brings a camera, but not much video. So, I ditched the Canon Rebel and brought along a tiny little palmcorder that could shoot HD video on SD cards. Instead of thousands of pictures, I shot about 8 hours of video everywhere we went and brought it all home. As God's wonderful timing would have it, I started this past school year as a Media Production teacher at the charter school where I work, which included a course in Digital Video Editing. I got to use my video as a year-long tutorial for my students as I assembled the bits and pieces together.

Throughout the process, my goal was not to create a beautiful cinematic experience, although the countries lend themselves well to that end. Rather, I wanted to really bring home to our church body and extended followers the nature of our ministry there. When I first ventured out with the team, I really had no idea what our purpose was or what we were going to be doing and I know many that are sending us and praying for us year after year feel the same. I hope this short overview can make our mission a little clearer for everyone... God bless and I hope you enjoy watching!

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