Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Now Introducing... The 2014 Team!

Tickets have been purchased and the team for this year is set. We've got a couple people joining us from elsewhere, and a whole group of new teenagers from our church here in Bullhead City, Arizona. So, without further ado, here are this year's team members:


Mike Kern - Assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Bullhead City. This will be his 6th year with the team.

Joey Leslie - Vacation Bible School director at CCBHC. This will be his 12th year with the team.

Vernon Garrett - Teaches 5th & 6th grade youth group at CCBHC. This will be his 4th year with the team.

Thomas Hein - Assists with all youth group ministries at CCBHC. This will be his first year with us.

Megan Kern - Will travel to Bulgaria a month ahead of the team. This will be her 4th year.

Barbi Robnett - Joining us from Washington state. Barbi used to attend CCBHC and has been with the team for many years.

Dock Hoilman - Has been involved in various ministries over the years, including the directing of youth camps. Dock joins us from Virginia and connected with the team through mutual friends in Bulgaria. He has been to the country twice before with The Hannah Project.


All of these teens are members of Calvary Chapel Bullhead City, and this is their first year on the team.
Reyna Hartman
Ashley Kerrigan
Alisha Martin
Chelsea Rush

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