Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pastor Chuck and Lynda Join Team

Surprise! Due to the delays in our flight schedule today, Pastor Chuck and Lynda Kelly, our pastor and his wife, were able to join us for the trip after all. It has been a huge blessing to the whole team to have them traveling with us and we look forward to sharing every moment of the trip with them.

Of course, right now we're all just living the airport life, so there's not much excitement. We're riding escalators and elevators all over the place as we dash from terminal to terminal throughout the airport. However, we took some pictures of both of them just so you can all see how well they're doing.

While some members of the team are taking our layover in San Francisco as an opportunity for a quick nap, the Kellys are wide awake and just excited to be here. They were even able to slip away to a coffee shop for a little time to themselves!

Of course, the pastoral responsibilities can't be overlooked either, but between the cell phone and airport phones, they've been able to stay in touch with everyone and keep things flowing smoothly. Modern communications are such a marvel!

We're so glad they decided to come with us and plan to share many more amazing pictures of their journey to Bulgaria with the rest of the team.

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  1. THAT IS AWSOME!!!! Praying for you all & those you are ministering to<3 LOVE THE PC & LYNDA KELLY DOLLS!! THAT'S AWSOME! LOVE YOU ALL!! XO<3
    Love Vena