Saturday, June 23, 2012

Final Countdown

Vacation Bible School wrapped up last night at our church and, with that, the team is now completely focused on our upcoming trip. With our departure only a few days away, we are all scrambling to get our clothes organized and packed, purchase last minute supplies, wrap up business at home, and spend time with our families over the weekend.
Sunday after church, the team will gather to dole out and pack all the team supplies, including: food, candy, craft supplies, t-shirts, etc. At the same time, we'll make copies of our passports to hand out among the team so everybody has a copy of somebody else's. This makes it easier if a team member loses their passport overseas (which has never happened yet!).
Monday will be spent with our families, enjoying our last quiet day together for two and a half weeks. Then, we reassemble Tuesday morning at 1:30am for a last check of weight on everyone's luggage, followed by a team picture with those who come to send us off and prayer over the trip. We plan to be on the road by 2am  so we can make the airport in Vegas by 4, leaving us plenty of time to reach the gate for our 6am departure.
Please be praying for us over the next few days and follow along right here as we embark on another epic journey for the Lord!

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