Saturday, April 18, 2009

Field Trip to a Bulgarian Restaurant

Last night, the whole team, along with our families, made a trek up to Las Vegas for a dinner of traditional Bulgarian food. We were also joined by the Fulton family. Linzi was away on a camping trip and Jordan was unable to attend as the drive from Bible College is a bit too far. Pastor Chuck and Lynda regretted being able to join us, but since they were actually in Bulgaria, we figured they were getting a good taste of the stuff anyway!

The Restaurant Magurata in Las Vegas offers authentic Bulgarian cuisine and was a great way to prepare the newbie's on the team for the food they'll be eating while we're there. We enjoyed such traditional dishes as kabapche, kufte, shopska, and tarator along with a few others. It was alot of fun passing plates and bowls back and forth so everybody could try everything! The newcomers all did quite well with the new flavors and nobody went home hungry.

My daughter, Megan, enjoyed the pork and chicken kebabs most of all while my personal favorites were the kufte and tarator. I've actually been thinking about making my own tarator for awhile and last night inspired me to get cracking in the next week or so.

For those reading this blog who are unfamiliar with these foods, let me share some brief descriptions:

Kufte - Small patties of grilled meat, usually beef and pork

Kebapche - Grilled spiced sausages

Shopska - Traditional Bulgarian salad consisting of tomatoes and cucumbers with feta cheese

Tarator - Cold cucumber soup in yoghurt base flavored with dill and walnut

The dinner was a great time of food, fun, and fellowship and the team truly appreciated the bonding experience. It was great to have the families along as well to share in our joy of all things Bulgarian and get a taste (literally) of the culture we've grown to love so much!

Only 73 more days until we leave!!

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