Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our first blog posting

Welcome to the official blog for the Servant Trip 2009 to Bulgaria from Calvary Chapel Bullhead City, AZ in the United States of America. This blog will serve as a communications tool to inform both the body in Bulgaria and our own church body back home in Arizona. Not only will everyone be able to follow along with us as we prepare to take the love of Christ to the other side of the planet, but they will be able to take the journey with us as well, sharing in the amazing experience that lies ahead.

Why do we as a church send a team to Bulgaria year after year? While I hesitate to speak for the entire team on this subject, I personally have two answers to that question:

Short answer- We do so out of obedience. God has specifically called our church body, and individuals within that body, to serve in this way. To not respond to that call would be disobedience.

Long answer- We do so as one part of the Body encouraging another part of the Body. Just as my hand scratches my back when there is an itch, or my legs carry my weary head to bed at night, the individual parts that make up the Body of Christ have a responsibility to support, encourage, and edify each other. None of us should walk through this life alone and it is a privilege to share in fellowship with another group of believers the amazing things God is doing in our time. While the nation of Bulgaria only recently left a period of opression where the free practice of our faith was strongly discouraged, it is exciting to see the great work our Lord is building there and the people He has chosen to build it. We are honored to share in that work in any way possible and look forward, every year, to rekindling our relationships with the Church in Bulgaria.

So, continue to pray for our team and pray for the Church throughout the nation of Bulgaria. We look forward to sharing our experiences with those who are sending us!

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