Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pray With Us

Our team recently discovered another blog,, that deals with praying for Bulgaria. The site features a Virtual Prayer Walk through Sofia, the nation's capital. Basically, its a Powerpoint presentation that highlights 38 different topics to pray about for the nation. For instance:

This particular slide describes a deeply spiritual issue facing Bulgaria... atheism.

We as a team have decided to go through all 38 prayer topics together, taking one a day. We began on Thursday with the first slide and plan to continue through the entire series. Rather than ending there, though, we are going to follow up by adding specific prayer topics every day that relate to the individual churches, ministries, and people we are connected to.

We are going to pray specifically and daily for Bulgaria right up to our departure and we hope you'll consider joining us. Visit the Virtual Prayer Walk and start today!

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