Thursday, May 12, 2011

Learning To Serve

Last night, most of the team drove down to Needles to wait tables for the Needles High School senior banquet. We were paid for our services, but the event wasn't really a fundraiser. Instead, we saw it as an opportunity to learn and practice our ability to serve.
Probably the most important ability a team member can take to Bulgaria is the ability to serve unconditionally, with no thought for self. In essence, we go to make ourselves slaves to the Church there, willing to do whatever they need or want us to do.
Last night, we served in a comfortable, air-conditioned room for a few short hours and went home exhausted! In just a handful of weeks, we will be serving from early in the morning to late at night, without air conditioning, on a strange diet, while missing our families. It is important that we are prepared to do so with, not only a smile, but true joy radiating from each of us.
I told the group last night, "We are not here to make money or to have fun... although we will do a little of both! We are here to serve." It's essential that we are properly motivated and clearly understand the task before us in going to Bulgaria. This will not be a vacation. We are not going primarily for US... to have a great time, do something cool over the summer, get some experience, etc. We are going because God has sent us to be His hands and feet to the Church He loves over there. When God is done working for them, we can be done...
In the meantime, may God give us hearts to genuinely serve... not for ourselves, or even for those we are serving... but for Him! May we do so gracefully and joyfully, setting aside our own emotions, wants, and needs to care for the needs of others.

Слава на Бога!

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