Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our First Day is Done

It's almost 11pm here and the team is wrapping up its first day. We spent the afternoon painting the Sunday School rooms in the new Blagavest church where we are staying. Tomorrow we will finish up the rooms and Linzi will direct the painting of murals in several classrooms. She will be working with a "Heroes of the Bible" theme and has planned rooms decorated with Noah's ark and Daniel in the lions' den. I will share pictures of her handiwork tomorrow evening.

We also had a great time catching up with (and meeting, for our new crew) old friends. Several people came by to see us here at the church building while we painted and, after painting, we walked over to the nearby apartments where several more live. One friend, Rali, led the way to a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed an amazing traditional Bulgarian meal. We ate, and played, and laughed and just had an incredible time together of food and fellowship.

Tomorrow, it's back to painting and possibly a visit to nearby Elin Pelin to visit Pastor Niki and his wife Sveta. Everybody continues to be in good spirits and we look forward to every opportunity to serve. Keep us in your prayers and especially pray for us to have a servant's heart in all that we do. Good night!

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  1. You guys are all awesome! Doing God's work over there in that beautiful, love-filled, appreciative country!

    Keep up the good work! You must be exhausted ~_~. Praying all is well!

    Love - in - Christ ----Kate Brown